How We Holiday

If there’s one thing Samsung Home Appliances stands for, it’s innovation. So for How We Holiday, we strove to bring innovation to one of the most traditional times of all: the holidays.

We launched in partnership with social influencer Joy Cho, who shared her stories in long-form animated videos. We then followed up with a call to action, asking Samsung fans for their most inventive holiday traditions, and turned many of them into charming animated GIFs. Along the way, we wove Samsung appliances seamlessly into the stories, merging tradition and innovation like never before.



Client: Samsung
ACD Art: Allyson Paisley
ACD Copy: Evan Rosler
Writer: Jen D'Angelo
Animator: Dennis Hoogstad

Launch Videos

"Cookie Portraits"

"DIY Snow Day"

Micro Content


"Samurai Style"
Jake's uncle likes to carve the turkey with a samurai sword... mainly just to freak out Aunt Bethany.

"The Living Tree"
Each year, Luke's family nominates someone to be their ‘Living Christmas Tree’. Whoever can hang the most ornaments on them gets to open the first gift!

"Holiday Scavenger Hunt"

"Hanukkah Scavenger Hunt"
One Hanukkah Elle's mom surprised her family by hiding their gifts around the house. Now they do it every year, and she swears her mom keeps making it harder.

"Lobster Race"

"NYE Lobster Derby"
Sam from CA has a Lobster Derby. While everyone else watches the ball drop, her family celebrates New Years with an epic lobster race in the kitchen.

"Holly Jolly Family Band"

"Holly Jolly Family Band"
According to Allison, you haven’t heard “Jingle Bells” until you’ve heard them jam out with spoons.


Social Contest

"Gingerbread Smash"
"Same-sized Gifts"
"NO Sneaking!"