Pop Your Bubble

In 2017, America was deeply divided. Social media was supposed to be connecting us, but many people were only seeing content from like-minded individuals in their news feeds. 

So The KIND Foundation created Pop Your Bubble, a first-of-its-kind social experiment featuring a tool to help people triumph using the power of technology. The secret was our “anti-algorithm,” which matched users with people who were most different from them (rather than just showing them more of what they already “like”).

We didn’t just talk about our divided nation — we offered a concrete solution to help people actually listen to one another. The tool was the centerpiece of our experiment, giving anyone access to a personalized array of strangers who would “pop their bubble.” We analyzed a user’s Facebook profile (age, location, likes, shares, etc.) and searched for people that were the most different from them. Once a user followed ten new people, they could pop their bubble, populating their news feed with perspectives from outside their world view. 



Client: KIND Foundation
ACD Art: Allyson Paisley 
ACD Copy: Jen Winston
Art Director: Eden Lewis
CD: Jesse Suchmann

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